Fun Photo-shoot

Fun Photo-shoot

We are pleased to introduce the beautiful and talented Tram de Martinez, with whom we work for different creative projects that involve an imaginative and inspiring lens.

“Tram Dieu Martinez is a Bogota based photographer who loves to capture simple moments that are both memorable and personal.  She is a visual creator and prefers to tell a story through her photography.  Whether it is out in the country or in the middle of the city, there is always a natural approach to her photographs.  Her main goal is to be able to have a special connection with others through her work, without having to say a word.  For more of Tram´s work, visit her website at

We had so much fun shooting our new Arabella Poncho, it is always so refreshing to see Tram and work with her.
Her pictures are very natural and have something very special and real about them.

This time we picked a Club in the north of Bogota, where we enjoyed the perfect blue sky and the fantastic company of Paola Martinez and Bryan.

Tram, took advantage of the lovely setting and took a few pictures of us, which we loved and which will be hanging in black and white in our studio as our new portraits.

We hope you enjoy this and stay tuned to find out more about the Arabella Poncho and the history behind it.

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