Interview Bogota Brilliance

Interview Bogota Brilliance

BB: Are your clothes suitable for woman of all shapes and sizes? Do you offer custom design services?

CR: Yes, our clothes fit women in all shapes and we can also custom design certain items. When designing the collections I am very aware that style is very personal and it changes from person to person. The idea is to create classic and sophisticated pieces that enrich every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of their size, but keeping in mind that she wants to look unique

BB: Does Ronner Design have a men’s line?

CR: No. We used to have a very fine Shirt line made with exquisite Italian fabrics, but we discontinued it for now. We want to focus on our Women’s line, but we have a lot of requests from men, and it is in Ronner’s plans to launch a men’s line in the future.

BB: Who would you like to see wearing a Ronner Design?

CR: A very confident woman. A chic, active, sophisticated and indepent woman, who is not afraid of being feminine. She does not follow trends but creates her own style as part of her unique world.

BB: Do you work with or feature clothing and jewelry by other designers?

CR: Ronner is EQUITANA’s private label. EQUITANA started 16 years ago as a riding equipment store. We represent different brands from Germany specialized in riding. Ronner was born three years ago as a complement to this fabulous lifestyle. To compliment the look and lifestyle we offered, we acquired the distribution for the famous HUNTER WELLIES [boots], which has been a huge success for a city such as Bogotá. We also sell magnificent jewelry designs by Eleonora Varini, an Italian designer, based in Medellin.

BB: What do you think about shows like Project Runway and Fashion Star?

CR: I am not a big TV person. I watched Project Runway a couple of times and it reminded me of my time at fashion school in NYC. I think it’s good at showing people how very unglamorous fashion is behind the scenes, and how hard designers work.
I am sure lots of people think designers are very sophisticated and stylish in their day-to-day affairs, but the truth is very much as we see it in Project Runway, we are constantly running around against the clock in our jeans and sneakers.

BB: What are some of the future plans for Ronner Design?

CR: One of our mayor plans this year is to export the brand, probably into the American market.

BB: Is there a “Bogotá Fashion” and if so, what is it?

CR: It’s difficult to categorize a “ Bogota – fashion”, In my personal opinion there is more a multitude style rather than a very individualized style. Although fashion is changing in Bogota with the entrance of big brands like Zara, Forever 21, etc. People now have more options and the latest trends handy, to mix and match, which will hopefully create a more individual and daring “Bogotá- look.”

BB: What are some of your favorite things in Bogota?

CR: I love the possibility of driving two hours from Bogota and changing the season – either head down to the “hotlands” or up to the “coldlands.” I like the diversity of the city’s restaurants.

I very much love the “ciclovia” where certain streets are closed on Sunday mornings and transformed into kilometers of routes that are used by sport enthusiasts to go walking, running, cycling, etc.

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