How all the pieces come together: From prints to Photo-shoot

How all the pieces come together: From prints to Photo-shoot

At Rönner, our design process involves a lot of steps and stages. We start with an inspiration, which in this case was the tropical atmosphere combined with the love for all things equestrian. We start imagining a color palette; a look and feel and a setting where we visualize this collection coming to life.

Tropical florals, warm summer breezes and exotic fruits fused with relaxed afternoons spent at enchanting equestrian surroundings, bring to life the inspiration and silhouettes of this collection. We always stay very true to our classic and timeless essence, and that’s why you will always find traditional pinstripes and gingham fabrics combined with our exclusive prints.

One of our most important and key steps in the design process is developing new prints for every season. Equestrian motifs and the particular inspiration for every collection are our focus to start working with artists, illustrators and graphic designers and give their pens and imagination free wings to start drawing what will later appear on different textures.

We immerse ourselves in a process of experimentation on different qualities and silhouettes that have previously been designed by our creative team.

For this collection, Tropical equestrian, we let the tropical ambiance serve as our guide. Exotic fruits, colors and aromas are the start of this exciting journey.

Please meet Ricardo Montes, a very talented Colombian artist who at the studio painted one of the iconic prints of this collection on the wall. It was very exciting to see our tropical horse come to life on this white wall and serve as the background for the shooting of our new label; Rönner Sport!


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